Youth Theatre Leaders

The KRYPT staff are a dynamic and creative team who all love leading sessions. They pool their individual talents to lead engaging sessions and cover all bases during a performance.





Becca grew up as a member of the Rose Theatre's youth group and is thrilled to lead the group. Her aim is to foster a supportive environment where each and every KRYPT member feels like part of the family. She is incredibly proud of the KRYPT Company for their kindness and inclusivity. When it's time for a KRYPT production, Becca shares responsibility for costumes, props and direction; she will often also write the scripts for full-company productions with the aim to ensure every actor has a chance to shine.

Outside of KRYPT, Becca is a middle school teacher with a specialism in English and Drama. She also acts with the Nonentities Society where she has enjoyed performing in a wide range of shows and roles, from the macabre Macbeth to the historical feminist romp Playhouse Creatures, and once even playing a know-it-all eight-year-old in The Flint Street Nativity.

Becca joined the KRYPT team in 2017 and has been thoroughly impressed by members’ talents, drive, energy and strong sense of teamwork. She hopes to guide the members to produce varied and engaging theatre, all while learning as much as possible and having a fantastic time developing their dramatic skills.




   Jess has been involved in amateur dramatics, both on and off stage, since first school and she is currently a member of the Nonentities adult section. Throughout
   the years she has had opportunities to play wonderful characters in plays, pantomimes and musicals with particular favourites being Eliza Doolittle (Pygmalion),
   Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and Kate (Visitors). 

   Jess also enjoys the technical aspect of theatre having operated lights and sound on a number of main house productions at The Rose and would like to develop
   her technical skills further. Backstage for KRYPT productions, Jess is the resident Junior Company Organiser and shares responsibility for costumes, props and

   Outside of the theatre, Jess is a primary school teacher and she runs the Young Voices and Church choirs. She is learning to tap dance and very much hopes that
   one day she will be in Stepping Out. She also enjoys spending time with animals and volunteers at a hedgehog rescue centre and walks her friend’s donkeys. Jess is      thrilled to help lead the Junior KRYPT Company develop new skills and confidence - as well as have fun!




Beth graduated from KRYPT and, never wanting to leave, joined the staff to support the Senior Company. She has a keen eye for the detail of direction and our members love working under her careful instruction. She is a member of the Nonentities Society and has enjoyed taking on a range of roles within the company, including in popular romps like The Vicar of Dibley and The Witches.  

Away from the Rose, she is a full-time middle school teacher with responsibilities within the English department. She loves to read and can both play guitar and sing.  At KRYPT performances, Beth can often be found in the tech box, where she has responsibility for our lighting design and operation. Essentially, if our shows look good, she is responsible!

Beth is an excellent leader and our members love working with her; she provides challenge and high expectations which make all of our members proud to meet them. 




   Thom is another of the team who barely left the youth theatre at the Rose before becoming a staff member. Having played roles such as Mr Darcy at KRYPT,
   he was well placed to share his skills with our members. Thom is an excellent leader who has a fantastic instinct for blocking and staging. Often leading our
   theatre workshops, Thom is the master of games at KRYPT and brings a real sense of fun to sessions!

   Thom knows all about tech, and spends his working days tapping away at spreadsheets doing very clever things. At KRYPT, he is our go-to when the printer is
   jammed or the laptop isn't co-operating. His skills don't end there, though, and during performances, Thom is responsible for sound design and operation. 

   On stage with the Nonentities, Thom has played classic characters like Dicken in The Secret Garden and Peter in The Railway Children. He is a supportive
   and talented actor, and transfers these skills into his leadership within KRYPT.

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