Past Productions

Bright.Young.Things by Georgia Christou

KRYPT Junior Company March 2024

In this exciting new play, the audience are faced with the question 'what exactly does it mean to win?' On a reality television show, six remarkable geniuses compete for the coveted Golden Brain trophy. But these geniuses are just kids, each with their own character and quirks which set them apart from the rest. Throughout the show, Christou creates six fantastically human children - insecure, dependent, just trying to fit in - and pits them against the almost robotic Producers who are trying to use them for profit. Additionally, this production gave our Junior Company the rare opportunity to work in our intimate Studio Theatre, where the audience are within touching distance and there's no room for mistakes. Luckily, they took all of this in their strides and were truly remarkable in bringing this challenging production to life.

Here's a rare picture of our backstage antics - while a thunderstorm swelled onstage, our spare performers were out in the wings creating as much noise as they could!



Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood by Rebecca Wilbrooke

KRYPT Company December 2023

This Christmas, the time came to produce another pantomime - oh yes it did! Times were tough in Nottingham as the money-grabbing Prince John exploited the townsfolk through his tax-collecting sidekick, the Sheriff of Nottingham. If only there was a hero to save the day... enter Robin Hood! Featuring the timeless pantomime jokes and gags we Brits know and love, and a host of colourful, dashing and dramatic characters, this show was a real, feel-good end to the year.

thumbnail_RB 4.jpg


Macbeth by William Shakespeare

KRYPT Senior Company July 2023


Power. Paranoia. Obsession. Guilt. Madness. This is one of Shakespeare's most infamous tragedies and our talented Senior Company leapt at the challenge to bring it to life. Set against the living backdrop of a coven of witches playing a mischievous game of chess, our interpretation sought to explore which characters were truly behind the fateful events that unfold in this powerful play. Our Company truly rose to the challenge, working double-time to master Shakespeare's language and the dramatic depths of each character and their choices. It was tough, but we are so proud that we pulled it off!