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If you love the theatre and want to take an active part; no matter what age or ability contact our Membership Secretary Jen Eglinton via the office on 01562 743745 or email 

The Nonentities Society is a long-established and successful Amateur Dramatic company - members of The Little Theatre Guild, and owners of The Rose Theatre.

We usually present up to ten of our own shows a year and, in addition, hire the Theatre to a number of other local performance groups and Operatic Societies. We also present a number of professional shows each year - plays, bands, comedy nights and lots more. We are very proud to be able to make such a positive contribution to the cultural life of the Wyre Forest and surrounding areas.

Our members are happy to give their time to be part of a dynamic and happy organisation and support all this activity. We invite you to become part of our team. No experience is usually necessary, though we are confident that more established people will also find a stimulating environment with us. You can commit as much, or as little time as you can spare, but we do earnestly ask that what you agree to do - you do carry out!

You will find brief details here of all the various activities necessary to run our Theatre. You will be very welcome to take part in as many as you like! We would welcome your application to join us.



A lot more people help to present a production, than actually appear on stage! We once calculated that at The Rose it takes no less than 16 people to support each night of a performance -even if there are only 2 people in the cast! The range of jobs you can get involved in, or learn about, is large. You will not have to do anything you don't want to do, and training for many of them is available to make sure you can take part in a relaxed and safe environment. So take a look at what has to be done and what interests you...


Probably what you first think about in Theatre - and certainly important at The Rose! The Artistic Director and Membership Manager hold regular welcoming meetings for new recruits to explore your skills and experience and will try to help you settle in  quickly.

Your commitment to any production if chosen for a part , must of course be for the full rehearsal period (usually 7-8  weeks and up to three evenings per week, depending on the role ) and, most importantly  the show week itself. You will also be expected to get involved with other aspects of the theatre as shown on these pages. This extra commitment will repay you in a rewarding and sociable way and ensures that we have enough support for the shows you are not acting in. You can find a description of the rather different way in which The Nonentities cast plays, elsewhere on the site on the Play Selection and Casting page.


The Play Director is appointed by The Artistic Director and is responsible for planning the entire show, rehearsing the actors and briefing the technical departments. The Nonentities has a group of experienced Directors, but also provides a mentoring scheme  to create opportunities for members to develop an interest in this fascinating subject.


The truth is - actors can forget their lines! The prompt is a vital safeguard during the performance and is an essential part of the rehearsal process, as many actors and directors rely considerably on their assistance during the build-up.


Before a show opens, the Construction Team and the Stage Manager will plan and co-ordinate the construction of the set in accordance with the Director's and/or Designer's requirements. The diverse team  team constructs and paints the set, and makes sure everything works.  The team size  is determined by the complexity of the show. During the performances, the SM manages the entire operation and co-ordinates the technical departments.



Often shows have designers to realise the needs of a production(Set and Costumes) based on the text, Director's concept and production budgets. This is usually overseen by the Artistic director and/or the Stage Manager and Wardrobe Manager. Anyone interested in learning the skills needed is encouraged to join.


Lighting Design is an art and a science. When you are involved in this aspect of our work, you become part of the creative process, bringing to life the Director's vision and contributing to the style and success of the production.

Help is also needed to set up lights before productions and to operate the consul during shows.


Some shows require many effects and music, others do not. Working to the Director's requirements, this technical department offers a rewarding and creative outlet for those who are already experienced, or wish to learn.




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Everything used to dress the set, and items used by the actors, are called propoerties or 'props'. You could be required to locate furniture or fruit, telephones or tortoises - if you are good at 'scrounging', this vital role is for you! We have an excellent collection of useful items that can be drawn upon, and when you have finished you must return the items to their storage places.


A small team keeps our collection of costumes in good order, makes new ones and hires in, as appropriate. A great way to get involved with a production - and some of the work can usually be carried out at home!


Every night the Theatre is working, a team of Box Office and Front of House Staff are needed to work the computer ticket sales system, assist patrons with a friendly smile, sell programmes, prepare and serve tea and coffee and maintain a safe environment for all.

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A great way to get to know your theatre and a vital part of ensuring the audience wants to come again!




The Rose has a public bar, open before, during and after most performances. This is a valuable service for our patrons and generates much-needed funds to help run the Theatre. It is manned  by volunteers- some are regulars who enjoy the social aspects of the work. Others enjoy an occasional stint pulling a pint or two. It can be great fun helping to run your "local" for a while!


All are vital to the running of the Theatre - even though they are definitely "back-stage"! Anyone with skills in these areas will usually be most welcome to get involved!









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